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You should be doing more job interviews

22 Jun 2013

Even if you change jobs often, having an interview can be a stressful experience. No single interview is the same, and there's always plenty of things to throw you off the track even if you're a seasoned job hopper or a contractor.

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Four apps that changed my messy life for the better

07 Jun 2013

There’s plenty of app reviews on the net. Productivity this, getting things done that. But those focus on the features primarily, and not on the long-term impact on one’s life. Nothing like longitudinal case studies that my inner nerd loves. So I’d like to list here some apps that I’ve been using for a while, and managed to change my life for the better while doing so.

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Recruiter interviews - are they a waste of time?

02 Jun 2013

Job search often takes a lot of time and can be quite unpredictable - you never know how long will it take this time to find a job. That is especially the case when you have to deal with an extra layer of "insulation" - headhunters/recruiters.

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Google Analytics event tracking made simple

25 May 2013

Google Analytics lets you to specify up to four arguments when tracking an event: Event Category* (text), Action* (text), Label (text), Value (number), Interaction flag (true/false).

* denotes a mandatory argument.

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Using Google Apps Script for automation of small tasks

19 May 2013

I've been manually tracking the number of .NET/C# jobs in Melbourne for some time now. I could've automated it, probably, but it was easier to do it just by hand - it took only a couple of minutes every day anyway. So I thought it wasn't worth it. Although I love automating things like that (sometimes even overly so), I still hesitated.

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Notes on "Marketing Software, For People Who Would Rather Be Building It"

02 May 2013

I just finished watching Patrick McKenzie's presentation "Marketing Software, For People Who Would Rather Be Building It". There's quite a bit of good new stuff in this presentation that is based on his personal, hard-earned experience.

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How City Drains You

25 Apr 2013

Working for the last several months from home I haven't been to the Melbourne's CBD. As it often happens, taking a break from something - be it a certain type or place of work, exercise or a relationship - anything really - helps to put things into a perspective and look at it from a different, if you like, angle.

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Permanent Dissatisfaction

22 Apr 2013

Reading Hacker Monthly (#26, "Why you’ll always think your product is shit") I just had this thought. When you look at something you created, say a program, a site, an app or a blog post, and if you don't think it lacks something in certain areas or that it can be made better - you are not looking hard enough. Or maybe you're just resting on your laurels.

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Permission Marketing Book Review

16 Apr 2013

Do you hate marketing and marketers in general as much as I do? Lots of people I've talked to, and amongst those software developers in particular seem to exhibit a rather burning disdain towards the industry in general. And you can hardly blame them, since the dodgy and annoying marketing practices are so abundant and so widespread. Being a rather logical bunch, we have problems tolerating notion of "spinning" things, as well as the exploitation of the various behavioural biases and shortcomings of the human nature.

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How to Start Reading Less and Doing More

08 Mar 2013

Let's start with something familiar: it's a middle of your usual working day. You just had a good lunch and maybe don't feel like getting back to work straight away. You don't feel like lolcats either, maybe because there's this nagging whisper that you really should go through the pile of stuff that you call your RSS reader, or maybe because you generally hate Facebook and live and breathe Google Reader [Twitter, App.Net, you-name-it] because that's what all cool tech people do.

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