Adding a coins pocket to Mighty Wallet: a DIY adventure

22 May 2014

When my old leather wallet started falling apart I decided I could do without another piece of an animal’s skin. Turns out in this day and age you don’t need to kill a cow to make a wallet - just use something synthetic, like tyvek.

Quite expectedly there are companies making stuff, including wallets, out of this material. And I almost liked this particular one, the [Wealth of Knowledge Mighty Wallet][5]. It had almost everything I needed - plenty of pockets for notes, papers and cards. It looked white and nerdy. It was great, almost perfect. Except one thing. And it was a spiraling downfall after such a promising, spectacular rise.

No. Coins. Pocket. I kid you not - no place where to keep my lovely latte coins.

So I kept searching and found a couple more wallets: The Slim Wallet and another one, another one, another one, Mius. Both had a coin pocket but first one was way too small (just one pocket for cards and one for notes/receipts). So I got the Mius, which turned out to be a rather disappointing experience - credit card pockets were too small (initially I had to force cards into them); the only compartment for notes/receipts was also too small.

Back to the square one. I ordered a mighty wallet and modified it, adding a side coins pocket. It worked initially but then coins started falling out the other end and just got caught up in the internal folds of the wallet. Another disappointment.

When doing that mod I noticed that the back “wall” of the wallet was actually a folded piece. That gave me an idea. What if i just cut a short, straight opening through it and put a velcro “lock”?

That’s what happened next.

I unfolded the back of the wallet and cut a small incision from approximately 1cm mark to 9cm mark on the wallet, adding romb-like holes as rip-stops.

First cut

That’s how wide it is relative to coins size, not too long but not too short either.


Using velcro strap I cut a piece that’s approximately 5mm wide and 10cm long - just a bit longer than the actual incision.


And glue-slapped the velcro strip inside the wallet, while it was still unfolded.

Final result

Voilà, a bad-ass wallet with a toight like a toiger coins pocket!