Hey there! My name is Art Skvira and I am a software developer from Melbourne, Australia. I tell the machines what to do so you can focus on your business.


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Got a new project coming up? Drop me a line and we will discuss it - my email is [email protected]

What my clients say

Art has been instrumental in the early days of Scheduleflow. His expertise and hands-on involvement enabled us to iterate rapidly, build and deliver what our target market needed.
Art demonstrated his insight into development practices, by implementing streamlined development processes, allowing us to deliver features rapidly and to a very high level of quality. This meant we had dramatically reduced delivery timelines and minimal physical testing.
Art is one of the most intelligent and broadly skilled senior developer I have worked with. I recommend him whole heartedly and would work with him again in a nano second.

Art ranks amongst the best web developers I have worked with. He has the rare combination of strong technical skills, people skills and a good awareness of the larger business challenges. He is always proactive with his research and contributions to the rest of the team. I recommend Art thoroughly to any prospective employer and would happily work with him on any future engagements.

Art is an extremely talented developer with a passion to do things better. Art was always willing to tackle the problems others would hate. Never scared to refactor the most complex code. The quality of his work and attention to detail was a great asset to SEEK during some really challenging and complex projects.

Art is a highly skilled and highly motivated developer. He has an excellent grasp of software architecture and .net technologies. His skills combined with his enthusiasm for software development make him a valuable asset to any team. He is definitely one of the best developers I have worked with.

Andrew Harvey, Senior Developer, Department of Education, Victoria

My Experience


C#, JavaScript, Python, Objective C, Java
Web Development
.NET 1.1-4.0, Ajax, REST, Web Services
jQuery/Sencha Touch/Prototype, HTML5/CSS3
MVC.NET, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Django, node.js
Django, node.js
iOS, Windows Phone 7
Database / Modelling
SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql, MongoDB
Hibernate/NHibernate, ADO.NET, Spring.NET
Visual Studio .NET 2003/05/08/10, Eclipse, XCode, AppCode
Enterprise Architect, TeamCity, Jenkins, NUnit/JUnit, NUnitAsp
TFS, SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial