Notes on "UX Design for startups" e-book

28 Jan 2013

Cover of UX Design for startups

Marchin Treder, founder of has published a book recently, "UX Design for startups". While not being a substitute for a good book on UX in general, it gives you a decent overview of relevant challenges that a startup may face, as well as high level overview of UX design. There are also some interesting notes on startup analytics, although nothing that Pirate Metrics wouldn't cover.

Following my general principle of converting books/articles into actionable items, I took some notes while reading this book. Have a quick look at those and decide for yourself whether it's worth reading the book.

If you interested in this field, and especially if you are just starting out, I highly recommend the "Human-Computer Interaction" course from Stanford/Coursera. It's awesome, and it's free. Best of all, prof. Scott Klemmer, who runs this course, is damn passionate about UX field.

Book is here:




Get to know your users


Efficient Design Techniques


Growth and design hacking

Get it optimised

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